Absolutely not. But one day we will and soon after, we will turn into stunningly chiseled beings as if sculpted by the gods themselves for everyone to gape at in awe and with reverence. Even better, we’ll beat Bolt. But later. Today we’re busy. Bills to pay, things to do, people to meet, cholesterols and fats to stack up.

Comfort zones are deep, cozy pits that lull us in and keep us floating about in our own routines and fears. Internal wars are waged and the guilt of not getting out, compartmentalized. And passivity is usually fast on the uptake.

But then again, it really isn’t that hard to break the cycle and stay motivated. Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge. Once you start seeing results, you will not want to turn back. Pushing the limits of our fitness levels and capabilities is an incredible feeling and we want you to savour every molecule of it.